8.4.2. Command Syntax
When an outbound Telnet session is initiated, the following
command syntax is used:
/TELNET <ip_address> [port] [RAW]
ip_address is the desired IP address (required.)
port is the desired port number
(optional, default = 23.)
RAW initiates the Telnet connection in Raw
Socket Mode (optional, default = standard
Telnet mode.)
·The outbound Telnet command is always available
when you have accessed the CMS command mode
using the Supervisor level password.
·An outbound Telnet connection cannot be initiated
by a user who has accessed the CMS command
mode via an inbound Telnet connection.
·Outbound Telnet connections do not reduce the
number of available inbound network connections.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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