8.4. Outbound Telnet Connections
The CMS allows you to initiate a maximum of two simultaneous
outbound Telnet sessions from the CMS Command Mode. This
feature is available in both the Supervisor Mode and User Mode.
8.4.1. Password Protection
In order to restrict User level access to the outbound Telnet
function, a password can be defined via the Network Port
Configuration Menu (/N), Item 19. Note that if this password is
not defined, then only the Supervisor Mode will be able to
initiate an outbound Telnet connection.
The outbound Telnet password can either be set to match a User
Mode password, or it can be different from existing User Mode
·If the outbound Telnet password is the same as a User Mode
password, then only that user (and the Supervisor) will be
allowed to initiate an outbound Telnet connection.
·If the outbound Telnet password is different from all User
Mode passwords, then any user can initiate an outbound
Telnet connection, but they must first logoff from the CMS
command mode, and then re-login using the currently
defined Outbound Telnet password.
Note also, that there is no separate prompt for the Outbound
Telnet Password; the Outbound Telnet function is only available
when either the Supervisor Password or Outbound Telnet
Password is entered when you login to the CMS Command Mode.
Telnet Capabilities
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