7.4. Modem Mode
In addition to allowing data transfer, the Modem Mode also
provides additional functions specifically related to modem
communication. A Modem Mode Port can perform all functions
normally available in Any-to-Any Mode. The Modem Mode is
available to all CMS ports except the Network Port.
When the Modem Mode is selected, the port configuration menu
(command /P) will display three additional prompts, which allow
the user to re-define the modem reset string, initialization string,
and hang-up string.
When the Modem Mode is selected for a port with Supervisor
Level command access, the Supervisor Password should be
defined. This will discourage unauthorized access to higher
command functions.
When a call is received, the unit will prompt the caller to enter a
password. The CMS allows three attempts to enter a valid
password. If the correct password is not entered in three
attempts, or if the user does not respond to the password prompt
within 30 seconds, the modem will disconnect.
The password can be defined and enabled by invoking the /P
command as described in Section 5.5.
·When a Modem Mode Port exits Command Mode,
or the DCD line is lost while the Command Mode
is active, the CMS will pulse the DTR line to the
modem. The unit will then send the user-defined
modem command strings to make certain the
modem is properly disconnected and reinitialized.
·When an external modem is installed at a CMS
port, other ports can use the modem for calling out.
To call out, invoke the /C command to connect to
the port, and then access the modem as you
normally would.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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