7.3. Buffer Mode
Ports configured as Buffer Mode ports will collect data from the
connected device and store it in the CMS's statically allocated
memory. Each CMS port features a fixed length, fixed position
data buffer.
The Buffer Mode allows collection of data from various devices
without the requirement that all devices use the same
communication parameters (e.g. baud rate, parity, etc.).
·Buffer Mode Ports cannot access the Command
·In order to ensure supervisor access to important
command functions, the Buffer Mode is not
available to Ports 1 and 2 (SetUp Ports).
·The Buffer Mode is not available at the Network
7.3.1. Reading Data from Buffer Mode
To retrieve data from Buffer Mode Ports, you must first
determine which port buffers contain data. To check port buffers
for stored data, access the Command Mode and type /S [Enter]
to display the Port Status Screen.
To retrieve data from buffer memory, go to a free Any-to-Any or
Modem Mode Port, access the Command Mode (Supervisor
Level), and issue the /C command using the following format:
/C xx [Enter]
Where xx is the number or name of the port buffer to be read.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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