6.3. The Network Status Screen (/SN)
This screen lists parameters for the Network Port. To display the
Network Status Screen, type /SN and press [Enter]. The
Network Status Screen is only available in Supervisor Mode.
Note that the CMS-16 will allow up to seventeen simultaneous
inbound Telnet connections plus two outbound connections, and
the CMS-8 will allow up to nine simultaneous inbound Telnet
connections, plus two outbound connections.
Normally, the /SN command will not display passwords that were
entered in order to initiate each telnet session, and the Telnet
Connection column will read "Active" or "Free" for each of the
available logical TCP ports. However, if the /SN command line
includes the "P" option (e.g. /SNP), the Network Status screen
will also list the login password entered for each telnet session.
When the /SNP command is invoked, the Supervisor Password
will not be displayed; the Telnet Connection column will read
"Supervisor" instead of listing the actual Password.
As shown in Figure 6.3, the Network Status Screen lists the
following information:
·NIC Installed: If your CMS unit includes a Network Card,
this item will read “Yes”.
·MAC Address: The permanent physical address assigned to
the Network Card.
·Port: The Network Port Number for each logical TCP Port.
For more information on Network Port Numbers, please
refer to Section 8.1.
The Status Screens
Figure 6.3: Network Status Screen (CMS-16 Shown)
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