6.2. The Port Diagnostics Screen (/SD)
The Port Diagnostics Screen provides more detailed information
about each port, including the port name and communication
parameters. To display the Port Diagnostics Screen, access the
command mode and type /SD [Enter], the screen will appear as
shown in Figure 6.2. Note that the CMS-8 Port Diagnostics
Screen will show only eight ports.
Like the Port Status Screen, the Port Diagnostics Screen is also
available to both Supervisors and Users, and will appear slightly
differently, depending upon whether the command mode was
accessed with the Supervisor Password or a Port Password
(User Mode).
In User Mode, the Port Diagnostics Screen will display only the
status of those ports that share the same Port Password entered at
login. Ports that are protected by other passwords will not
be displayed.
Note: The /SD command does not offer the option
to display passwords.
The Status Screens
Figure 6.2: Port Diagnostics Screen (Sample Values Shown)
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