As shown in Figure 6.1, the Port Status Screen lists the following
items. Note that the CMS-8 will show only eight ports.
·Port: The Port Number.
·Name: The user-defined name for each port.
·Password: The user-defined password for each port. Note
that actual passwords are not displayed; this column will
read either “undefined” or “defined”. To display Port
Passwords, type /SP [Enter] (Supervisor Mode Only).
·Status: The connect status of each port.
If the port is connected, this column will list the number
of the other CMS port connected to this port.
If the connected port is listed as "Nn" (where "n"isa
number), this indicates that the RS232 port is connected to
the CMS Network port. The numbers indicate which of
the available telnet sessions is being used. For more
information on Network Port Numbers, please refer to
Section 8.1.
·Mode: The user-selected Port Mode. This column will read
Any (Any-to-Any), Modem, Passive, or Buffer, depending
on the configuration selected for the port.
·Count: Lists the amount of data (in bytes) stored in the
buffer for this port.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
Figure 6.1: Port Status Screen (Supervisor Mode, Defaults Shown)
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