4. Clear Menu: After defining several parameters, if you
wish to clear the /CP menu and start again, type -(dash)
and press [Enter], the menu will be reset.
5. Exit Without Copy: To exit from the Copy Parameters
menu without copying selected parameters to all RS232
ports, type Xand then press [Enter]. The CMS will exit
from the Copy Parameters menu and return to the command
6. Copy Parameters: When you have finished selecting
parameters, press [Esc] to copy the selected parameters to
all CMS RS-232 Ports and exit from the Copy Port
Parameters menu.
5.7. Save User Selected Parameters
Although this step is optional, it is strongly recommended to
save all user-defined parameters to an ASCII file. This will
allow quick recovery in the event of accidental deletion or
reconfiguration of port parameters. Section 9 describes the
procedure for saving configuration parameters to an ASCII file.
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