5.5.4. Network Port Configuration Menu
In order to communicate with the CMS via network, the IP
Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address must first be
defined using the Network Parameters Menu. If desired, this
menu also allows you to implement IP Security features, which
can restrict access based on the user’s IP Address. Settings for
network parameters depend on the configuration of your
individual network. Please contact your network administrator
for appropriate settings. To select network parameters, access
the CMS Command Mode, type /N and press [Enter]. The
Network Parameters Menu (Figure 5.3) will be displayed.
·The Network Parameters Menu selects parameters
for all CMS logical Network Port Ports (the
CMS-16 provides 19 logical Network Ports, and
the CMS-8 provides 9 logical Network Ports.) The
only exception is Item 11 (Supervisor Mode),
which will not be applied to Network Port N9 on
the CMS-8, and Network Port N17 on the CMS-16
(for more information, please see Section 8.1.)
·Although new parameters can be specified via
network connection, new parameters will not be
applied until all telnet connections to the CMS
(including the connection that was used to enter the
parameters) are terminated.
·The Network Parameters menu is only available in
Supervisor Mode.
Figure 5.3: Network Parameters Menu (Supervisor Mode Only)
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