11. Timeout Disconnect: Enables and selects the Timeout
Period for this port. If enabled, and the port does not
receive or transmit data for the specified Timeout Period,
the port will disconnect. When the port is set for Any-to-
Any Mode, Passive Mode, or Buffer Mode, the default
setting for this item is “OFF”. When the port is set for
Modem Mode, the default setting for this item is 15
·The Timeout Disconnect value is also applied to
telnet Direct Connections and outbound Telnet
connections. For more information, please refer to
Section 8.
·The Timeout Disconnect is also applied to non-
connected ports that are left in Command Mode. If
the timeout feature is enabled, and no additional
data activity is detected, an unconnected port will
exit from command mode when the Timeout
Disconnect value expires.
·When two connected ports time out and are
disconnected, both ports will also exit from
Command Mode.
12. Response Type: Selects the type of messages that this port
will send in response to commands. The user can select
Verbose (English Text), Terse (Numeric / Abbreviation), or
Quiet Mode (No Response).
(Default = Verbose).
13. Command Echo: Enables or Disables the command echo
for this port. (Default = On).
14. Accept Break: Determines whether the port will accept
breaks received from the attached device, and pass them
along to a connected port. When enabled, breaks received
at this port will be passed to any port that this port is
connected to, and sent along to the device connected to the
other port. When disabled, breaks will be refused at this
port, and hence, not sent to the other port or connected
device. (Default = Yes)
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