73. Hang-Up String: Although the CMS will pulse the
DTR line in order to hang-up an attached modem, the
Hang-Up string is often useful for controlling modems
that do not use the DTR line. (Default = undefined).
Note: When communicating with the CMS unit via
modem, parameters will not be changed until after
you have exited from command mode and
discontinued the modem connection to the unit.
8. Supervisor Mode: Permits or denies port access to
Supervisor Mode. When enabled (Permit), and the valid
Supervisor Password is entered, the port will be allowed to
invoke Supervisor Level commands. If disabled (Deny),
the port may not enter Supervisor Mode, even when the
Supervisor Password is entered. (Default = Permit).
9. Logoff Character: Defines the Logoff Character for this
port. The Logoff Character determines the command(s) or
character(s) that must be issued at this port in order to
disconnect from a second port (Resident Disconnect).
(Default = ^X ([Ctrl] plus [X]))
·When redefining the Logoff Character, make
certain to select a character that does not normally
occur in your data. This will prevent the unit from
accidentally disconnecting ports in the middle of a
data transfer. For example, if the Logoff Character
is defined as "s", then the ports will disconnect
whenever the letter "s" is detected.
·The Logoff Character cannot be used to terminate a
telnet "Direct Connection" or an outbound Telnet
connection. Direct Connections are terminated
using the telnet program's disconnect command.
And outbound Telnet connections are terminated as
described in Section 8.4.3. For more information,
please refer to Section 8.
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