7. Port Mode: Defines the operation mode for this port.
Note that Ports 1 and 2 cannot be configured for Passive
Mode or Buffer Mode. (Default = Any-to-Any Mode).
When Any-to-Any, Passive, or Buffer Mode is selected, the
unit will display the DTR Output prompt (Figure 5.1).
This prompt is not displayed when Modem Mode is
74. DTR Output: Determines how the DTR line will react
when this port disconnects. The DTR line can be held
low, high, or pulsed for 0.5 seconds and then held high.
In the default state, the DTR line will pulse for 0.5
seconds and then remain high. For more information,
please refer to Appendix A. (Default = Pulse).
When Port Mode (menu Item 7) is set to Modem Mode, the
menu will include additional prompts (see Figure 5.2),
which are used to define the following:
71. Reset String: If necessary, this prompt can be used to
re-define the modem reset string. The Reset String is
sent prior to the Initialization string. (Default = ATZ).
72. Initialization String: Defines a command string that
is sent to initialize a modem to settings required by
your application. (Default = AT&C1$D2S0=1).
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
Figure 5.2: Port Parameters Menu (Modem Mode)
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