The Port Configuration menu offers the following options:
1. Port Name: (Up to 16 characters, Default = undefined).
·The Port Name cannot include the forward slash
character (/), double quotes ("), the asterisk
character (*), or blank spaces.
·Port Names must begin with an alphabetic
character; Port Names cannot begin with a number,
punctuation character or symbol.
·A Port cannot be named “N1” through "N19", these
names are reserved for the logical Network Ports.
2. Password: (Up to 16 characters) Defines the Port
Password for this port. Note that identical Port Passwords
are generally assigned to several ports. When this
password is entered at the login prompt, the user will then
have access to all ports that share this password.
(Default = undefined).
·The Port Password is not displayed by the Port
Parameters menu. When the Port Password has
been defined, the field for this item will read
“defined”. To display Port Passwords, invoke the
/SP or /WP commands as described in Section 6.
·The CMS will not allow you to define a Port
Password that is the same as the existing
Supervisor Password.
3. Baud Rate: Selects the baud rate for the port. Can be set
to any standard rate from 300 bps to 115.2K bps.
(Default = Selected By Option Switches 1, 2, and 3)
4. Bits/Parity: (Default = 8-None).
5. Stop Bits: (Default = 1).
6. Handshake Mode: Selects the handshake format for this
port; XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS (hardware), Both, or None.
(Default = RTS/CTS).
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