5.5.3. RS232 Port Configuration Menus
The Port Configuration Menus are used to select options for each
of the CMS RS232 ports. Parameters selected via these menus
will stay in effect until the unit is initialized or the /P command
is used to reconfigure the port. After initialization, parameters
will revert to the defaults specified by the Option Switches.
To select port parameters, proceed as follows:
1. Access the Command Mode. If the password prompt is
displayed, key in your Supervisor Level Password.
2. Type /P, followed by the number of the port to be
configured, and press [Enter]. For example, to configure
Port 2, type /P 2 [Enter]. The Port Configuration menu
will appear (Figure 5.1).
a) If the /P Command is entered at an RS232 port without
including the port number in the command line (e.g. /P
[Enter]), the configuration menu for your resident port
will be displayed.
b) If the /P Command is entered at the Network port,
without including the port number in the command line,
this will produce an "Invalid Parameter" response.
c) The /P command is only available in Supervisor Mode.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
Figure 5.1: Port Configuration Menu (Port 2 Shown)
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