c) Network Access: The CMS includes a default IP
Address (, which allows you to
contact the unit from any network node on the same
subnet. When the CMS is installed in a working
network environment, it is recommended that you
redefine the IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
Address as described in Section 5.5.4. To contact the
CMS via network, proceed as follows:
i. Telnet to the CMS’s IP Address. For example, if the
IP Address is “”, on a UNIX system, the
Telnet command would be invoked as follows:
$ telnet [Enter]
ii. Note that if the Telnet connection is refused, this
may mean that either the IP Security feature (see
Section 5.5.5) has denied the connection, or the unit
is operating on a 100BaseT network that does not
autosense for 10BaseT devices (see Section 4.4).
iii. If the Supervisor Password has been defined, the
password prompt will be displayed. Key in your
Supervisor or Port password and press [Enter]. The
CMS will display the Port Status Screen, and then
the "CMS>" prompt will appear.
Note: In addition to standard telnet connections to
ports 23, 2001, and 3001, the CMS also allows telnet
users to specify an optional telnet port number in order
to connect to a specific RS-232 port. Telnet users can
also connect using either standard telnet protocol, or
"raw socket mode". For more information regarding
other telnet port numbers, please refer to Section 8.2.
5.2. System SetUp Ports
Ports 1 and 2 are designated as System SetUp Ports, and will
always permit password protected access to Supervisor Level
commands, even if the unit is reset to default parameters.
In order to ensure that access to command functions is always
available, Ports 1 and 2 cannot be configured as Buffer Mode or
Passive Mode Ports. Buffer and Passive Mode Ports are not able
to access the Command Mode. In addition, Ports 1 and 2 always
permit password protected access to Supervisor commands; the
Supervisor Mode cannot be disabled at these two ports.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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