4.2.3. Default Response Message Format
When commands are invoked, the CMS can respond with either
verbose (English text) or terse (numeric / abbreviated) messages.
Response messages are summarized in Section 11.2. After
installation, the /P command can also set the response format to
"none" (Quiet Mode). When Quiet Mode is selected, the unit
will not send response messages.
Switch 6 Default Response Message Type
DVerbose (English Text) *
UTerse (abbreviated / numeric)
* = Factory Setting
4.2.4. Default Command Echo (Sw7)
Switch Seven enables or disables the Command Echo. When
enabled, characters sent to the CMS will be echoed back to the
control device.
Switch 7 Default Command Echo
* = Factory Setting
4.3. Initialize Unit to Default Settings
If Option Switch settings are changed, new parameters will not
take effect until the CMS is initialized.
CAUTION: After initialization, the CMS will
revert to the parameters specified by the Option
Switches. Any command-selected parameters will
be lost.
1. Simultaneously press the SET and CLEAR buttons, located
on the face of the CMS.
2. Release the CLEAR button, wait for the Port LEDs to
flash, and then release the SET button.
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
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