4. Hardware Installation
4.1. Connecting Power to the CMS Unit
The CMS is available in both AC and DC powered versions.
When connecting AC or DC power to the CMS, proceed as
·This device should only be operated with the
type of power source indicated on the
instrument nameplate. If you are not sure of the
type of power service available, please contact
your local power company.
·Reliable earthing (grounding) of this unit must
be maintained. Particular attention should be
given to supply connections when connecting to
power strips, rather than directly to the branch
4.1.1. AC Powered Units
Plug the supplied power cable into the receptacle on the CMS
back panel, and then connect the power cable to an appropriate
grounded AC outlet. The CMS features a self adjusting power
supply that automatically adapts to power supplies between 90
and 250 VAC. Press the Power Switch ON. The ON LED should
light and the RDY LED should begin to flash.
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