6. Connect Network Cable: Connect your 10BaseT or
100BaseT network interface to the CMS Network Port.
The Network Port is an RJ45, 10BaseT Ethernet jack, for
connection to a TCP/IP network.
Note: The CMS features a 10BaseT Interface.
When connecting to a 100BaseT interface, note that
most router switches will autosense to determine if
the device is 100BaseT or 10BaseT, and then
configure the network interface accordingly. If your
router switch does not autosense, the network
interface port must be manually set to 10BaseT.
7. Network Access: Telnet to the CMS's IP address. For
example, if the IP address is "", on a UNIX system,
the Telnet command would be invoked as follows:
$ telnet [Enter]
After the telnet connection is established, the CMS should
display the Port Status Menu, and the CMS command
prompt should appear, indicating that you have
successfully accessed the CMS command mode via the
Network Port.
This completes the introductory overview of the CMS. Please
proceed to Sections 4 and 5 for complete installation and
configuration procedures.
Getting Started
Figure 3.2: The Supervisor Level Help Screen
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