5. Configure Network Port: In order to communicate with
the CMS via the network port, an IP Address, Subnet
Mask, and Gateway Address must be assigned to the unit .
At the CMS command prompt, type /N and press [Enter]
to display the Network Port Configuration Menu.
a) Note that the CMS features a default IP address
( This allows you to initially
communicate with the unit via network (providing that
you are contacting the CMS from another node on the
same subnet), without first accessing the CMS
command mode in order to define an IP address.
However, when the CMS is installed in a working
network environment, it is recommended to define an
appropriate IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway
Address as described in the steps that follow.
b) Settings for network parameters depend on the
configuration of your individual network. Please
contact your network administrator in order to
determine the appropriate settings for the IP Address,
Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address.
c) To assign network parameters, key in the number for
the desired parameter, press [Enter] and then follow
the instructions in the submenu. For example, to define
the IP Address, type 1and press [Enter].
CMS-16 / CMS-8 User's Guide
Figure 3.1: The Port Status Screen (Model CMS-16, Defaults Shown)
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