Independent Level Controls
Each channel has its own independent level control enabling you to adjust the
volume settings for twelve different speaker locations. Each speaker can be
adjusted for its location and who uses it!
Turn-On Modes
The SI-1230 features three turn-on modes: 1. Manual turn-on via the front panel
switch, 2. Audio Sense and 3. External Voltage trigger. Audio Sense and External
Voltage trigger modes enable allow you to configure the SI-1230 to interface with
any kind of system and turn on automatically.
Automatic Protection
Each channel has independent thermal and short circuit protection. In the unlike-
ly event that a problem occurs on one channel, the other channels will continue
to play. When conditions return to normal, regular operation resumes.
Status Display for Troubleshooting
LED's on the front panel indicate Power, Active and Protection Status. With a glance
at the front panel a troubleshooter is quickly provided with key information!
Made in the USA.
Limited two year parts and labor Warranty.
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