Clipping distortion makes treble sound very harsh and unmusical. When you
hear harsh sounding treble from any good speaker, turn the volume down imme-
diately! Those harsh sounds are masking some much more powerful high fre-
quency sound spikes which will quickly damage the tweeter of any loudspeaker.
If you continue to operate the amplifier at "clipping" power levels the protection
circuits will operate when the amplifier overheats. The protection circuits reset
when the amplifier's internal circuitry cools. Reduce the volume to prevent a
reoccurrence. Perpetually overdriving your speakers and amplifier is abuse and
probably voids the manufacturer’s warranty of all affected products.
Cleaning and Maintenance
The internal parts of the SI-1230 are electronic and require no maintenance.
Once a year it is appropriate to twist the RCA connectors on each input to remove
any oxidation and improve conductivity.
You can clean the amplifier with soft cloth or paper towel dampened with water or
a glass cleaner. Do not use any spray-type, abrasive cleaners on the amplifier.
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