Power LED
The power LED indicates that the AC cord is plugged into a working AC power
receptacle and that the power switch is in the "On" position.
Active LED
The rear panel turn-on mode switch determines when and how the amplifier will
turn on. The "Active" LED indicates that the amplifier is on.
Power Switch
The front panel switch is a master or "vacation" power switch. No matter which
turn-on mode you have selected, the master power switch will turn off all cir-
cuitry—including the sensing circuitry. If you are going on vacation and/or
would like to reduce power consumption while you are away, turn the master
power switch “ Off” (push the rocker switch out). When you would like to return
to normal operation, turn the switch "On" (push the rocker switch in).
D.C. Protection
In the event a damaging D.C. signal becomes present on any of the speaker ter-
minals, the D.C. protection circuit shuts down the entire amplifier and the red
LED labeled “ Protection” illuminates. To reset the amplifier you must turn the
front panel power switch “ Off” and then “ On.”
Listening at Higher Volumes
Thirty watts is enough power to play a conventional speaker in a normal sized
room loudly enough to completely drown out conversation. Even at levels like
that, the SI-1230 will sound clear and clean. However, it requires more power to
achieve a reasonable volume of sound in a large room than it does in a small
room. It is possible (even if you are not a teenager) to turn the volume so high
that the amplifier runs out of power. This creates "clipping" distortion.
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