Speaker Wire Connections
CAUTION! All speaker wire connections must be made with the amplifier Off.
1. Label all wires.
2. Connect one stripped wire end or
banana plug to the black terminal
and one to the red terminal.
CAUTION- Avoid even a single strand
of wire touching the chassis or another
If you label the wires for their destination,
rather than which terminal of the SI-1230
they are connected to, it will be easier to
reconfigure your system in the future.
A. Split the speaker wire insulation so that
at least two inches of each conductor are
B. Strip one half inch of insulation from the
end of each conductor of the speaker wire
C. Attach banana plugs or twist the strands of
wire together and insert them into the appro-
priate binding post.
Bare W ire
Unscrew the red or
black plastic knob,
insert the bare wire
end into the opening,
and then tighten the
knob until the wire is
securely clamped.
Banana Plugs
There are many types
of banana plugs, some
crimp, some solder.
The Niles gold banana
plug has a quick-con-
nect binding post for
the bare wire on the
body of the plug. A
banana plug is simply
inserted into the jack
at the end of the ampli-
fier’s binding post.
Dual banana plugs
will fit the SI-1230
binding posts.
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