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The SW-T/SW-R advanced wireless system is designed to provide you with maximum flexibility
in locating your subwoofer(s) around any room. With a range of up to 48’ (15m), your options for
locating your subwoofer where you need it to be are wide open.
The wireless transmitter and receiver have integrated RF antennas. The SW-T should generally
be placed as high as possible and away from other RF sources or large metal objects that might
reduce its operating range.
Step One: Connect the SW-T to your surround sound receiver (or other audio source). The SW-T
features line-level stereo inputs. You can connect a left/right audio signal to these inputs or
connect your receiver’s LFE (Low Frequency Effects) output to the SW-T input labeled “L/LFE”.
Step Two: Connect the power supply to the SW-T’s power connector (labeled “5V”) and plug the
other end into an electrical outlet.
Step Three: Mount the SW-R Receiver to your Niles SW6.5 or SW8 subwoofer.
When mounting the SW-R Receiver to your subwoofer, orient the SW-R so that the 9-pin cable
connector is on the top left side of the subwoofer. This assures proper orientation of the internal
antenna to provide maximum range.
Use the included mounting screws to attach the SW-R to the rear of the Niles subwoofer. The rear
panel of compatible subwoofers is marked with an outline showing the proper mounting location
and has threaded inserts for the mounting screws.
Connect the SW-R’s power/data cable to the port labeled “Wireless Port”your Niles SW6.5 or SW8
subwoofer. The SW-R will receive its power directly from the Niles subwoofer, eliminating the need
for a separate power cable for the wireless receiver. Additionally, the same 9-pin DIN cable will
also supply the audio signals that the subwoofer requires.
Apply power to the Niles subwoofer and turn the unit on in order to supply power to the SW-R
Step Four (Pairing): Each SW-R Receiver must be paired with its SW-T transmitter. This pairing
only needs to be performed once. Up to 4 SW-R receivers can be paired to a single SW-T
transmitter. If more than four SW-R receivers are paired, the 5th SW-R will replace the 1st SW-R
that was paired and so on, keeping a limit of 4 paired devices at any one time.
To pair an SW-R to an SW-T: Press the pairing button on the SW-T. The status light will begin to
blink. Within 10 seconds, press the pairing button on the SW-R. Its status light will also begin to
blink. Both devices should pair automatically and their status lights will stay lit when the devices
have paired.
The pairing process is now complete and you are ready to begin using your wireless subwoofer.
The subwoofer can now be re-located anywhere within the room provided that it stays within 48
feet of the SW-T. Keep in mind that RF conditions will vary depending on many sources, so the
actual range you experience may be less than 48 feet.
• SW-R, 2.4 GHz Receiver
• Subwoofer Connection Cable
• Mounting Screws (2)
• Instruction Manual
• Warranty Card
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