4PX-8000/ RM-8000/ LM-8000
The PX-8000 and related components provides the latest technology combined with ease of operation to
create a system which offers enormous capability and flexibility. Local audio sources may be sent to any
combination of up to eight remote zones and do so with either local or remote control.
This type of flexibility makes this product ideal for any type of multi-zone system including hotels, airports,
casinos, hospitals, conference centers, and restaurants.
A wide assortment of remote devices insures that the right amount of control is located in the correct
locations throughout a facility.
- N ew concept of audio matrix system for public addressing and emergency broadcasting
- Various audio inputs (BGM, Remote MIC, Local W all Mount MIC & BGM, Paging MIC)
- Individual BGM broadcasting and area selection broadcasting to 8 output areas
- Unlimited expansion of output area in link with Main System (PX-8000)
- Convenient priority broadcasting (Paging MIC > DRP > RM-8000 > LM-8000 > BGM)
- Previous hearing of BGM using a monitor speaker
- Convenient installation and construction without need of ID setting (RM-8000, LM-8000)
- Voice recording by using Record & Playback IC and automatic play in link with fire contact
- Lump change of BGM for all outputs (available in link system)
- Adoption of RS-422 communication method to support a long distance
- Selection of various Chime broadcastings for MIC broadcasting (PRE/ PO ST)
- Capable of adjusting individual tone(bass/ treble) in every output area
- Convenient connection with 8CH Power Amp through adoption of lump output terminal
- Adoption of I/ O signal level display
3 Pin Terminal Block 8pcs
9 Pin Terminal Block 1 pcs
Operation Manual 1pcs.
Rack Mount Screw & W asher 4pcs
Foot & Screw 4pcs
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