18 PX-8000/ RM-8000/ LM-8000
- The button turns on if pressing the relevant button of the area to broadcast. All regions of the PX-8000,
where the relevant RM-8000 is connected, are selected if pressing the ALL button.
- MIC broadcasting is done with the TALK button pressed. In this case, perform broadcasting after
checking start of Chime broadcasting using a built-in monitor speaker.
- Adjust MIC input volume of PX-8000 and input volume of PX-8000 while listening to broadcasting
volume or checking the level meter.
- " R" is displayed on the BGM display window of PX-8000 and LM-8000 of the broadcasting area.
- Release the TALK button pressed to end broadcasting. TALK button is on PTT method.
- Check ending of Chime broadcasting using a built-in monitor speaker.
13. RM-8000 Priority Broadcasting
- Broadcasting of any RM-8000 is allowed in the non-broadcasting area.
- Zone being broadcasting area has priority with the order of RM1 > RM2 > RM3 > RM4.
- If the relevant area button turns off when pressing the broadcasting area button and then pressing
TALK button, other RM is already broadcast in the same area, and the user can know which RM-8000
is broadcasting with the [IN -USE LED] turned on.
- If the area button selected during broadcasting turns off and the other [IN-USE LED] turns on, the other
RM-8000 with a high priority is broadcasting in the same area.
14. RM-8000 Broadcasting in linked system
If using the PX-8000 together, MIC broadcasting of the RM-8000 is not allowed to the output area of the other
PX-8000. Broadcasting is allowed to only the output area of PX-8000 where the RM-8000 is connected.
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