PX-8000/ RM-8000/ LM-8000
9. Change of Main BGM and adjustment of volume in output area using LM-8000
- Endow with the control right of LM-8000 by pressing the W ALL CTRL button of PX-8000.
- Check that the BGM number is changed, by operating the BGM Selection Button of LM-8000.
- Same BGM number is displayed on the front BGM Display W indow of PX-8000 and LM-8000
- Adjust local output volume using a volume adjustment encoder.
The volume adjustment encoder of LM-8000 and the slide volume (FADER) on the front side of PX-
8000 unit control the BGM broadcasting volume of the output area. A paging MIC broadcasting
and the local output volume of RM-8000 are not controlled with the encoder and the slide volume.
10. Independent Local BGM and M IC Broadcasting using LM -8000
Independent local broadcasting is possible if using LM-8000. You can perform the desired MIC
broadcasting or listen to BGM music in respective area other than the Main BGM connected to PX-8000.
LO CAL BGM&MIC of LM-8000 has higher priority than Main BGM of PX-8000 and thus main BGM
automatically becomes MUTE during the independent local broadcasting of LM-8000.
- Connect the desired MIC or sound source unit to MIC or LIN E input.
- Adjust volume by using the respective volume to adjust input sound.
- Immediate broadcasting is allowed and the local output volume is adjusted by using encoder of LM-
8000 or a slide volume of PX-8000.
- Main BGM on the BGM Display W indow becomes MUTE when performing independent LM-8000
broadcasting. If there is no local broadcasting, Main BGM is broadcast while MUTE is released.
A condenser MIC cannot be used for the LM-8000 LO CAL MIC broadcasting.
Display status of the BGM Display W indow for LM-8000 is as follow:
For PX-8000 Paging broadcasting P
For RM-8000 broadcasting R
11. RM-8000 Connection
- Connect to the RM-8000 connection hole on the rear side of PX-8000 using a CAT5 (UTP) wiring
material. Same as connection method of LM-8000.
- Immediate broadcasting is allowed without separate ID setting.
- 4 sets of RM-8000 can be connected.
- If powering on, buttons sequentially turn on/ off simultaneously with power LED turned on.
- Flashing of buttons mean defect of the unit or connection status, thus check connection status and the unit.
12. RM-8000 MIC Broadcasting
- Connect a MIC to the MIC input jack. Both dynamic MIC and condenser MIC can be used.
- Set the Chime Mode Switch on the rear side of RM-8000.
A. SW ITCH1 O N : Chime increased by 2 tones for starting broadcast is emitted when pressing the
TALK button.
B. SW ITCH2 O N : Chime increased by 4 tones for starting broadcast is emitted when pressing the
TALK button.
C. SW ITCH3 O N : Chime decreased by 4 tones for ending broadcast is emitted when releasing the
TALK button.
D. SW ITCH1, 2 O N : Same as for SW ITCH1 O N .
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