16 PX-8000/ RM-8000/ LM-8000
7. PX-8000 Built-in IC Recording and Play
Since this unit has the built-in digital recording IC, the user can record the desired voice. Recording can
be done up to 30sec and recorded contents are broadcast to the relevant area in link with the fire alarm
point on the rear side of unit. To change recording contents, perform recording again.
- MIC Connection
1) Adjust volume and tone after connecting MIC to the Paging MIC input on the front side.
2) Available MIC is same as for broadcasting using a Paging MIC.
- Recording standby
1) A " -record-" is displayed on the front display window if pressing the REC button once, and On
Recording Standby is displayed.
2) Press the ESC button to cancel recording.
- Recording
1) Press the REC button to record for a second if ready for recording is completed.
2) " In Recording" is displayed while " -" mark on the edge rotates clockwise.
3) If recording is completed, press the REC button again to end.
4) Contents passing 30sec are not recorded.
- Records Check
1) If shorting GN D and the PIN number equivalent to each output area of the FIRE CON TACT
CLOSURE’ terminal on the rear side of the unit, previously recorded contents are broadcast to the
relevant output zone.
2) " F" is displayed on the display window of the PX-8000 and LM-8000 during play.
Recorded contents are unlimitedly played while the contact is connected, and play is terminated if the
contact is released.
If configuring PX-8000 as link system, it is recommended to individually record by setting respective
PX-8000 to Master Mode.
If the contact operates during record course, only contents before the contact are recorded. Thus
record again after the contact is terminated.
8. LM-8000 Connection
- Connect to the LM-8000 connection terminal on the rear side of PX-8000 by using CATEGORY5 (UTP)
- The connection jack numbers of the connected PX-8000 show output area and ensure connection of up
to 300M.
- Connection of 8 sets of LM-8000 to a PX-8000 is allowed.
- Immediate use is allowed by automatically recognizing LM-8000 without need of separate ID setting.
- If powering on, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, A, B, C, D, E and F are orderly displayed on the BGM display
window of LM-8000 and the BGM number is displayed for the relevant area.
- You can select BGM or adjust BGM output volume of BGM output volume using a LM-8000 if a DOT (.)
is displayed on the LM-8000 BGM Display W indow.
- You may endow with or release the control right of LM-8000 using the W ALL CTRL button on the front
side on the PX-8000. If the right is endowed to LM-8000, the button of PX-8000 lights and if DO T(.) is
displayed on the LM-8000 BGM Display W indow.
- Check connection status and the unit if " E" continues to flash on the display window.
Turn the encoder volume clockwise until checking is done that volume is changed since volume is set
to minimum for the initial use.
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