6.3. Logging Out of Command Mode
When you have finished communicating with the NBB, it is important to
always disconnect using either the "Log Out" button (Web Browser Interface)
or /X command (Text Interface), rather than simply closing your browser
window or communications program.
When you disconnect using the Log Out button or /X command, this ensures
that the NBB has completely exited from command mode, and is not
waiting for the inactivity timeout period to elapse before allowing additional
connections. This ensures that NBB unit will be available to other users, and
they will not have to wait for the timeout period to elapse before accessing the
NBB Command Mode.
6.4. The Automated Mode
The Automated Mode allows the NBB to execute switching and reboot
commands, without displaying menus or generating response messages.
Automated Mode is designed to allow the NBB to be controlled by a device
which can generate commands to control power switching functions without
human intervention.
When the Automated Mode is enabled, the /ON, /OFF, /BOOT, /D and /X
commands are executed without a "Sure?" confirmation prompt and without
command response messages; the only reply to these commands is the "NBB>"
prompt, which is displayed when the command is complete.
Note that although the Automated Mode can be enabled using either the Web
Browser Interface or Text Interface, Automated Mode is designed primarily
for users who wish to send ASCII commands to the NBB without operator
intervention, and therefore does not specifically apply to a GUI style, Web
Browser Interface. When the Automated Mode is enabled, the Web Browser
Interface can still be used to invoke On / Off / Boot commands.
When Automated Mode is enabled, all NBB password security
functions are disabled, and users are able to access System
Level command functions (including the configuration menus)
and control plugs without entering a password.
If you need to enable the Automated Mode, but want to
restrict network access to NBB configuration menus, it is
recommended to enable and configure the IP Security Function
as described in Section
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