NBB-115 & NBB-230: Network Boot Bars - User's Guide
6.2.2. Switching and Reboot Commands - Text Interface
These commands can be used to switch plugs On and Off, reboot plugs or set
plugs to their user-defined Power Up Default values. Plugs may be specified
by name or number.
Wait for the command prompt to appear before entering
additional commands. The prompt will not reappear until the
previous command is complete.
Commands are not case sensitive. All commands are invoked
by pressing [Enter].
Users who log into command mode with a Plug password, will
only be allowed to issue commands to the plugs allowed by
that password.
If command confirmation is enabled, the NBB will display the
Status Screen after commands are successfully completed.
When switching or reboot operations are initiated, Boot/
Sequence Delay times will be applied as described in
Network Boot Bar v1.41 Site ID: Western Telematic, Inc. - Irvine
Display Configuration
/H Display Help Screen /G View/Set General Parameters
/S Display Plug Status /P [n] View/Set Plug Parameters
/SN Display Network Status /C View/Set Serial Parameters
/N View/Set Network Parameters
Control /T View/set Telnet Parameters
/D Set Plugs to Default /W View/Set Web Server
/Boot <n> Boot Plug n /E Save Parameters
/On <n> Turn On Plug n /R Recall Parameters
/Off <n> Turn Off Plug n /DL Download Parameters to File
/X Exit/Disconnect
+------------------------------------+ /I Reset Network Interface
| [n] = optional plug name or number | /U Upgrade Firmware
| <n> = required plug name or number |
| n+n or n n = plug n and plug n |
| n:n = plug n through plug n |
| * = all plugs |
| ,y = bypass “Sure? (y/n)” |
Figure 6.3: The NBB Help Screen - Text Interface
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