NBB-115 & NBB-230: Network Boot Bars - User's Guide
Note that when configuring the unit via the Web Browser Interface, the
dropdown menu near the top of the screen is used to select the desired plug.
When configuring the unit via the Text Interface, the /P n command is used
to select the desired plug. The Plug Parameters Menu allows the following
parameters to be defined:
Plug Name: Assigns a name to the plug. (Up to 32 Characters,
Default = undefined.)
Note: The Plug name cannot begin with a number, the underscore
character (_), the slash character (/) or an asterisk (*).
Plug Password: Assigns a password to the corresponding plug.
When this password is entered at login, the user will be able to issue
commands to this plug, and any other NBB plug that shares the same
password as described in Section below. Note that this password
does not allow access to configuration functions. (16 Characters,
Default = undefined.)
Note: Passwords cannot contain nonprintable characters, spaces,
colons (:), plus signs (+) or quotation marks.
Boot/Seq. Delay: When more than one plug is switched On/Off or
a reboot cycle is initiated, the Boot/Sequence delay determines how
much time will elapse between switching operations, as described in
Section (Default = 0.5 Seconds.)
Power Up Default: Determines how this plug will react when the
Default command (/D) is invoked, or after power to the unit has been
interruped and restored. When the Default command is invoked, or
power is restored, the NBB will automatically switch each plug On or
Off as specified by the Power-Up Default. (Default = On.)
Note: If you have accessed command mode using the System
password, the Default command will apply to all five switched
plugs. If you have accessed command mode using a plug
password, then the command will only be applied to plugs that
share the same password entered at login.
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