NBB-115 & NBB-230: Network Boot Bars - User's Guide
Inactivity Timeout: Determines how long the NBB will wait for
additional commands during periods of inactivity. When the Timeout
Period elapses, the user will be disconnected from the NBB command
mode. (Default = 2 Minutes.)
Command Confirmation: When enabled, the NBB will display
a confirmation prompt before executing certain commands. When
disabled, the prompt will be suppressed and commands will be executed
immediately. (Default = On/Enabled.)
Automated Mode: When enabled, the NBB will execute switching,
reboot and exit commands without displaying a confirmation prompt,
status screen or confirmation messages. This allows the NBB to be
controlled by a device that generates commands to control switching
without human intervention. For more information, please refer to
Section 6.4. (Default = Off.)
Note: When this option is enabled, security functions are
suppressed, and users are able to access System Level menus and
control plugs without entering a password. If security is a concern
and the Automated Mode is required, it is recommended to use the
IP Security feature (Section to restrict access.
Manual Switch Button: Enables and configures the manual plug
control button. (Default = "On".)
Off: Disables the manual switch button.
On: Enables the manual switch button. When the manual switch
button is pressed and held for approximately three seconds, all five
outlets will be effected.
Command Prompt: Allows the Text Interface command prompt to be
set to either "NBB", "IPS", or "NPS." (Default = NBB.)
Default Parameters: Resets the NBB to default parameters. All
menu selected parameters, including port names and passwords, will be
cleared. This option is only available via the Text Interface.
Note: If this function is invoked via the Network Port, the IP
Address will not be reset until you break your connection to the
Network Port. If this function is invoked via the Console Port, the
IP Address will be reset immediately.
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