NBB-115 & NBB-230: Network Boot Bars - User's Guide
5.3.1. The General Parameters Menus
The General Parameters Menus allow you to select parameters such as the
System Password, User Name, Site I.D., Modem Commands and other options.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "Setup" button to access the Setup
Menus, and then click the "General Parameters" button. The General
Parameters Menu will be displayed as shown in Figure 5.3.
Text Interface: Type /G and press [Enter]. The General Parameters
Menu will be displayed as shown in Figure 5.4.
The General Parameters Menu allows the following parameters to be defined.
System Password: The NBB will display a password prompt when
you attempt to access command mode. When the System Password
is entered at log on, the System Mode will be active, allowing access
to both switching functions and configuration menus. (16 Characters,
Default = undefined.)
If the System Password is not defined, then the NBB will start
up in System Mode, and configuration functions will then be
available to anyone who accesses Command Mode.
Passwords and User Names cannot contain nonprintable
characters, spaces, colons (:), plus signs (+) or
quotation marks.
Figure 5.3: General Parameters Menu - Web Browser Interface
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