NBB-115 & NBB-230: Network Boot Bars - User's Guide
5.2. Communicating with the NBB
In order to configure the unit or invoke command functions, you must first
connect to the NBB and access the command mode. As discussed in Section 3,
the NBB offers two separate command interfaces: the Web Browser Interface,
and the Text Interface.
The NBB also offers three different methods for accessing command mode;
via network, via external modem, or via local console. The Web Browser
Interface is only available when the NBB is contacted via network, and the
Text Interface is available via network, modem or local PC. The sections that
follow describe the procedure for accessing the Web Browser Interface or the
Text Interface.
Note: Configuration functions are only available when you have
logged into command mode using the System Password.
5.2.1. Accessing the Web Browser Interface
In order to issue commands via the Web Browser Interface, the NBB must
be connected to a TCP/IP network, and your PC must be equipped with a
JavaScript enabled web browser (such as Internet Explorer or
Netscape Navigator.)
1. Start your JavaScript enabled Web Browser.
2. Key the NBB’s IP address (default = into the
web browser’s address bar, and then press [Enter].
Figure 5.1: Plug Status Screen - Web Browser Interface
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