Niles once again raises the bar. With our first OS Indoor/Outdoor models, we revealed a radical
new understanding of loudspeaker capabilities. Niles original OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers are
constantly praised for their ability to deliver exemplary reliability and outstanding sound quality.
These attributes have made Niles OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers the bestselling loudspeakers in
their class.
The goal of our new OS Indoor/Outdoor line-up is to raise this bar with refined appearance
and superior sonic performance, once again establishing a benchmark by which all others are
judged. The new Niles OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers owe much of their performance and
sound quality advantage to design elements pioneered in the award-winning Niles DS Directed
SoundfieldTM Loudspeakers. Their engineering advances come from our integrated approach to
driver and cabinet design. By integrating the woofer basket into the baffle of the cabinet, we are
able to increase the woofer cone-area to cabinet-width ratio, thus enabling OS Indoor/Outdoor
Loudspeakers to provide levels of bass performance that substantially exceed their physical size.
However, deeper and more powerful bass isn’t the only refinement in the new OS Indoor/Outdoor
line-up. A new and modern style enables OS Indoor/Outdoor Loudspeakers to blend seamlessly
with architectural elements, both indoors and out. After the installation is complete, you will be
astonished by the experience of hearing such clean and powerful sound coming from such
elegant-appearing loudspeakers.
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