The R-4 Remote -The R-4 Remote provides system control via an ergonomic hand-held IR remote control.
Zones that have been installed with Niles IR Sensors can take advantage of the R-4 Remote, providing system
control from anywhere in the room.
System-Wide Operation
The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver incorporates system-wide control to activate all zones to a particular source
component. An ALL OFF command is also included for complete system shutdown from any zone in the system.
Zone Linking
The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver incorporates Zone-Linking to allow a grouping of zones to be controlled as
asingle zone. Turn-On, Source selection, Paging and Turn-Off all work in unison, yet each zone has indepen-
dent Volume adjustment and Muting.
Paging Input for Telephone Systems
Apaging input is provided for telephone systems equipped with a paging output. Audio sensing is utilized to
detect the paging signal. Source components currently playing in the various zones are interrupted, enabling
the paging signal to play through. If a zone is off during a page, it turns on, enabling the paging signal to play
through. Front-panel switches are provided to disable this paging feature in any zones where it is not required.
12V Control Output
Acontrol output connector provides a constant 12V DC trigger signal the moment anyzone is activated. This
signal can be interfaced to Voltage Triggered AC Power Strips (i.e., Niles AC-3) for the automation of source
components that can only be activated via switched AC outlets.
Expandable for Larger MultiZone Systems
Up to three ZR-4630’s can be combined in a single system, providing 18 zones. Source components are connect-
ed to all receivers, splitting their audio signals utilizing RCAY-adapters or Niles AVDA-3 Distribution Amplifiers.
Program Memory Protection
The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver utilizes non-volatile memory for storage of its programming. This safeguards
against accidental loss of the programming for the entire life of the product.
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