The receiver has no lights on. Inspect the AC power cord. Be sure it is inserted firmly into the power-cord
socket of the receiver.
Check the AC power outlet. Verify that the outlet is providing power (i.e., a
switched AC outlet).
Ensure that the ZR-4630 is always plugged into an unswitched AC outlet. If you've
checked the cord and the outlet, and you still have no lights, call Niles for service.
Problem Troubleshooting
The keypad is connected, but
no lights come on.
There is no IR control of the
source components.
Test the keypad cable with an appropriate cable tester.
The Sensors may be receiving some interference. Check the status LED.
When using the Niles IRR-4D+ Wall Mount or the Niles TIR-1+ Tabletop IR
Sensors, the Status LED should be illuminating green when the zone is on.
The Status LED should be off when the zone is off, and it should be red when
it is receiving a command.
When using the Niles MS-1, MS-2 IR Sensors, the Status LED should be off
when the zone is ON. It should only illuminate green when receiving an actual
IR command.
If the LEDs stay constantly red (or green when using MS-1 or MS-2), that is a
sign of interference. Identify the source of interference and remove it, or move
the sensor to a place where it doesn't have interference. Sources of interference
may include dimmer switches, fan motor switches, televisions (especially
plasma televisions), and sunlight.
Some IR commands work for a
source and some don't.
You may have captured some IR commands incorrectly. Testing all IR
commands as you capture them with the IR test feature will avoid this.
The LCD Display shows error
E1, E2, E3, E4, E5, E6.
Errors E1 through E6 mean that an internal problem exists and the ZR-4630
requires service.
The LCD Display shows error E7.Error E7 means one or more of the front-panel control or programming
buttons is stuck in the depressed position.
Check each of the buttons by pressing and releasing them.
The LCD Display shows error
One or more of the ZR-4630’s in an expanded system are not set to the
proper Master/Slave mode.
Refer to the Installation Settings of this manual for proper setup.
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