The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver incorporates matrix preamplifier technology to provide as many as three
source components and the built-in tuner to six listening zones simultaneously. Finally, Dad can relax to the
sound of his favorite music in the den while the kids are listening to their favorite music by the pool.
12-Channel 30W Amplifier for Six Zones of Stereo Sound
The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver is an integrated solution for multi-zone applications. Six built-in 30W stereo
amplifiers provide clear and dynamic sound for six zoned areas.
Built-in AM/FM Tuner
The ZR-4630 includes a built-in AM/FM tuner that is available to all zones as one of four source-component selec-
tions. This high-quality tuner is programmable with 10 preset AM and 10 preset FM stations, and includes direct
station access.
Central Intelligence
The design approach of the ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver is a radical departure from that of traditional program-
mable keypad-controlled multi-zone systems. Instead of redundantly programming each of the individual key-
pads with IR commands, all IR commands are programmed and stored in the ZR-4630. The SoloMaster
Keypad Module, NumericAccessory Keypad Module, and Niles IR Sensors connect to the receiver for com-
plete system control.
Total system cost is now dramatically reduced due to shorter programming time and the low cost of the modular
keypads located in each zone.
Quickand Easy Programming with PC Archiving
Manual programming is made fast and easy via push buttons and LED visual prompts that lead you step-by-step
through the programming process. Additionally, all system programming can be archived on your PC for back-up
and for use with pre-designed systems with Niles ZR-4630 Archiving software.
One-Touch Operation with Source Component Power Synchronization
One touchof a Master Key or Source Button initiates the ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver to perform a sequence
of IR commands for complete automation of your distributed A/V system.
Sync Inputs provided bythe ZR-4630 sense if the connected source components are ON or OFF. Power com-
mands for these source components are issued only if the source components are actually OFF, turning them
on correctly, every time. The proper input for the source component is then selected and a programmed
sequence of IR commands are issued (i.e., play or favorite station).
Acomplex mix of various brand audio/video components can be operated with ease and simplicity when using
the ZR-4630.
Elegant and Intuitive User Interfaces
The SoloMaster Keypad Module - The SoloMaster Keypad Module is an elegant, single gang, complete con-
trol solution for the ZR-4630. Custom labeled Master Keys provide complete system activation and source selec-
tion, while a complete set of cursor keys provides basic source transport and menu control.
The NumericAccessory Keypad Module -The NumericAccessory Keypad Module can be included along
with the SoloMaster Keypad Module in any or all zones. This combination provides direct access to discs,
tracks, stations, and channels when operating DSS receivers, CD/DVD changers, and the built-in AM/FM tuner.
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