The ZR-4630 has a feature called Zone Linking. Zone Linking allows the Installer to permanently link several
Zones/Rooms into one group. To Link together a group of Zones/Rooms, follow the steps below:
1. Press and Hold the PROGRAM button for two seconds.
The Enter IR LED lights RED, the Program LED lights RED, the Source 2 LED lights RED and the
Power/ON LED blinks RED. The LCD display shows “PGM SRC2”.
2. Press the AM/FM button 6 times until “ZL” appears on the LCD display.
3. The Numeric Buttons on the front panel represent the zones you just labeled with the Zone/
Room Labels. “The number 1 button” represents labeled Zone 1; “The number 2 button” represents
Zone 2, etc…
Press the Numeric Buttons corresponding to the Zones/Rooms you want to link together.
Zone numbers appear on LCD to show inclusion in the group.
4. To remove a Zone/Room from the group, simply press the Numeric Button again.
Important Note: You can link together one group of Zones/Rooms per chassis. You cannot link together
Zones/Rooms in different chassis.
ZL12 6
Figure 43
See Figure 43 Zone 1, 2 and 6 are now linked together as a group.
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