Niles Audio has recognized the need for a simple to use, cost-effective multi-zone system that can provide years
of listening pleasure to music-lovers. Our engineering and product development departments have joined
forces to produce an innovative multi-zone receiver that incorporates six separate zones of amplifier power, a
built-in AM/FM tuner, and connections for three additional audio-source components.
The ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver is the multi-zone solution for which you have been asking. It allows you to
combine keypad modules with infrared sensors and hand-held remotes for total control of your home entertain-
ment system, providing "one-touch" system-wide control.
Now everyone in the household can be happy: One person can listen to the CD player in a bedroom, while
another simultaneously listens to the radio by the pool. At the same time a third person can listen to DSS music
in the den. In addition, the ZR-4630's source-component IR control is custom-programmable to provide intu-
itive operation for a wide range of source components.
ZR-4630 MultiZone Receiver
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