Speaker Wire Connections
CAUTION! All speaker wire connections must be made with the amplifier OFF.
Place the ZR-4630 on a flat, level surface such as a table or shelf, with its weight equally distributed on each of
its four feet. Placing the weight of the amplifier on the rear or front panel for even an instant will result in
damage to the amplifier's connectors and controls.
Like any high-fidelity component, the ZR-4630 will last much longer if it is given adequate ventilation for proper
cooling. When installing the ZR-4630 in a cabinet, be sure that the cabinet’s rear is open to receive fresh air in order
to provide proper cooling (see Figure 28). If the cabinet’s design does not accommodate an open rear, install two
small “boxer fans” to provide continuous airflow into and out of the cabinet (see Figure 29). Place the ZR-4630 so
it has at least seven inches of free air space above it. If the amplifier is located on a carpeted surface, place a board
under the amplifier’s feet. Do not block the ventilation holes on the top and bottom of the ZR-4630.
Make sure that there is a minimum
of 7” of free air space above the
amplifier and 3” on each side for
proper ventilation.
Allow a minimum of 2” of depth
behind unit toaccommodate cables
and connectors.
Figure 28
Figure 29
If the cabinet rear is not open to fresh air or if you’re using
low-impedance loads,install two “boxer fans” to provide
continuous air flow into and out of the cabinet.
Boxer Fan (55 CFM)
directly centered 2”
behind the ZR-4630.
Boxer Fan (55 CFM)
directly centered 7” on
top of the ZR-4630.
When using low-
impedance speaker loads (less
than 8 ohms Nominal) refer to
Figure29 for proper placement.
Bare Wire
Unscrewthe red or black plas-
tic knobs and insert the bare
wire through the hole in the
post. Tighten the knob until the
wireis securelyclamped.
Banana Plugs
There are many types of banana plugs available.
Some are crimped onto the speaker wire and
some are soldered.Niles offers banana plugs that
have a quick-connect binding system for the
speaker wire included within the banana plug itself.
After the wire is attached, the banana plug is sim-
ply inserted into the hole at the end of the amplifi-
er's speaker binding post. Dual banana plugs will fit
the binding posts.
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