Important Note: Operation of an identical source component is not possible using its actual IR commands in
azone installed with an IR Sensor. (i.e., using the source component’s original remote control or a learning
remote control programmed with these IR commands). Identical source components can be operated from a
zone with an IR Sensor using Niles hand-held R-4 Remote IR commands (see Programming Overview for
more information).
Source components (i.e., DVD player, CD changer, DSS receiver) used with a ZR-4630, can be “Shared” with
multiple ZR-4630’sand/or a Home Theater system (refer to System Configurations 2, 3, 4, and 5 for more
details). The ZR-4630 has been designed to provide coordinated control of these “shared” source components
from all zones, of all ZR-4630’s and the Home Theater.
ASource Component in a ZR-4630 Multi-Zone System is considered “shared” when its audio signal is con-
nected to more than one ZR-4630 or if it is connected to a ZR-4630 and a Home Theater system (refer to System
Configuration 2 and System Configuration 3 for more details).
Operating a system with multiple ZR-4630’sis the same as operating a system with only one ZR-4630. Solo
Master Keypad Modules in each zone independently operate the zone to which they are dedicated to (i.e., zone
ON/OFF, Volume Up/Down, Mute). When a user in a zone from any ZR-4630, presses a key/button, the IR
commands required for the shared source components (i.e., Power ON/OFF, Play, Stop, and Channel Up), are
issued by the ZR-4630 that has been programmed. See the Programming Section of this manual for specific
details on programming.
Important Note: The built-in AM/FM tuners in each of the ZR-4630’s, are not “sharable” between each other or
with the Home Theater. The six zones provided by each of the ZR-4630’s listen to and control their own built-in
AM/FM tuner (refer to the Programming section of this manual for more details on tuner programming).
Selected Source Flasher ALL Flasher 2 Flasher 3 Flasher 4
Source 2 X X
Source 3 X X
Source 4 X X
The ZR-4630 routes the individual source component IR commands with which it has been programmed to
specific Flasher Outputs. This provides individual control of identical source components (i.e., two DSS
receivers of the same brand and model). These programmed IR commands are routed to the individual Flasher
Outputs based on the source components for which they were programmed. The table below designates where
IR commands are routed when a zone is selected to one of the three source components.
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