OFF Key Events
When you press the OFF Key/Button, as many as two events occur. The first event is factory programmed and
is responsible for turning the zone or all zones OFF every time the OFF Key/Button is pressed.
The second event is responsible for turning OFF the source components and only occurs if the zone turning
OFF was the last zone ON in the system (including the Home Theater Zone sharing source components). There
is no programming required for this event. The programming that was accomplished for the Master Key Source
ON events is reversed to deactivate the source components.
The OFF Key/Button has twomethods of operation.
Single Zone OFF
The first method, a quick tap of the OFF Key/Button in a zone that is currently ON (holding the OFF Key/Button
for less than three seconds), causes the zone to turn OFF. The Master Key LED that was illuminated turns OFF.
System Wide OFF
The second method, a press and hold of the OFF Key/Button, turns all zones OFF (holding the OFF Key/Button
for more than three seconds). All Master Key LEDs in all zones turn OFF.
Zone Linking OFF
The third method, a press of the OFF Key/Button in any of the linked Zones/Rooms, causes the entire group of
linked Zones/Rooms to turn OFF.
The Zone OFF Event is factory programmed and the Source OFF Event
is automatically programmed to reverse the programming of the Master
Key/Source Buttons that turn the source components ON. IR commands
are issued conditionally based on System and Component power
synchronization and the on/off status of other zones in the system
and the Home Theater.
Master Key/
Source Button
Event 1
(Zone OFF)
Event 2
(Source OFF)
OFF Key Factory
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