The Master Key/Source Buttons have three methods for operating the system.
Single Zone Operation
The first method, a quick tap of a Master Key/Source Button in a zone (holding the Key/Button for less than three
seconds), causes only that zone to turn ON. The Master Key quickly tapped illuminates GREEN after the zone
turns ON. A zone turns ON to its last volume setting. A maximum turn ON volume can be programmed into
the ZR-4630 (see Installation Settings for more information).
System Wide Operation
The second method, a press and hold of a Master Key/Source Button in any zone (holding the Key/Button for more
than three seconds), turns all zones ON that are set to ALL ON/Page enabled (this setting is made via front panel
programming DIP switches, set individually for each zone). All zones enabled for ALL ON/PAGE, select the source
associated with the Master Key/Source Button pressed and held, and that same Master Key LED illuminates
GREEN. The ALL ON volume can be adjusted with the ZR-4630 (see Installation Settings for more information).
Note: When the Tuner Master Key (master #1) is pressed and held, the radio station currently selected in that zone
will be selected by all zones when using multiple ZR-4630's in a system.
Zone linked Operation
The third Method, a press of a Master Key/Source Button that is part of a Zone-Linked group of zones, causes the
linked Zones/Rooms to turn ON to the selected Source. Each Zone/Room turns ON to its individual programmed
Turn On Volume level. Each Zone/Rom has independent Volume control. Changing a Source in any of the linked
Zones/Rooms changes the Source in all the linked Zone/Rooms.
Inportant Note: Only one group of Zones/Rooms can be linked together in a chassis.
The OFF Key/Button included on both the SoloMaster Keypad Module and the hand-held R-4 Remote pro-
vide “one-touch” system deactivation. When you are finished listening in a zone, a single press of the OFF Key/
Button deactivates the zone.
Off Button on the
hand-held R-4 Remote
Off Key on the Solo™
Master Keypad Module
Figure 22
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