The ZR-4630 has been designed to keep track of the ON/OFF condition of the three source components connected
to the system. This enables source components that utilize the same IR command for ON and OFF to be automated.
For this feature to function as designed, you need “synchronization (sync)” between the ZR-4630 and source
components that utilize the same IR command for ON and OFF. This assures the users of the system that the
ZR-4630 will always issue Power commands correctly when they press a Master Key or the Off Key.
Source Power Sync makes it possible for the user to always have a source component turn ON when they need
it on and to always have all the components turn OFF when they turn the System off.
Source Components that require Power Synchronization
Source components that utilize the same IR command for ON and OFF need to be synchronized. The power
button for these source components sends the same IR command to turn the source components ON if they are
OFF, and to turn them OFF if they are ON. It is necessary to “synchronize” these source components with the
ZR-4630 so it knows not to send an ON command if the source components are already ON (if it did, the source
components would turn OFF, which is not the desired result). Conversely, synchronization keeps the ZR-4630
from issuing a “power” command when the OFF Key is pressed, if the source components are already OFF.
The ZR-4630 has three Sync Inputs for each of the source components. It allows synchronization via voltage and video
signals. (see Choosing a Synchronization Method on page 29 for more information on how to synchronize components).
Source Components that do not requireSynchronization
Twotypes of components do not require synchronization: those with separate ON and OFF IR commands, and
those with “latching power.”
Source Components with separate ON/OFF IR commands
There are source components that are included with and respond to separate ON and OFF IR commands.
Synchronization is not required for them. When power commands are programmed as separate ON and OFF,
the ZR-4630 will issue ON commands only if Sync is not present. Separate OFF commands for source compo-
nents are always issued when the last zone turns OFF regardless of sync status.
Source Components with “Latching Power”
Some source components, like CD players and tape decks, are usually plugged into the switched AC outlet of
the preamplifier/receiver that they are installed with. These components simply turn ON when the system’s
receiver/preamplifier turns ON, meaning that they “latch” into an ON or OFF state and do not need an IR com-
mand to turn ON or OFF.
Because they turn ON as soon as there is power on their AC cord, once the preamplifier/receiver is turned on,
these components will be turned on as well. They do not need individual synchronization.
Since the ZR-4630 does not provide a switched AC outlet, the 12V Control Output connected to a Voltage
Triggered AC Power Strip (i.e., Niles AC-3) provides perfect control of latching source components (see C
onfiguration 1 in the Systems Configurations section of this manual for more information).
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