This is the simplest of the ZR-4630 configurations (see Figure 4). It depicts one Niles ZR-4630 MultiZone
Receiver installed to provide sound to six listening zones.
Each zone consists of one room with one pair of speakers. One SoloMaster Keypad Module is included in each zone
for user control. NumericAccessory Keypad Modules and an IR Sensor are added to specific zones as an option.
Source Components
The ZR-4630 has RCA audio inputs for connecting three external source components. In addition to the built-
in AM/FM Tuner, three source components can be selected by each of the six zones.
With this configuration, a user in one zone can listen to one source component while another user in a differ-
ent zone listens to a different source component (i.e. the CD can be selected in Zone 1 while the tuner is select-
ed in Zone 2). Additionally, each of the six zones can be set to an individual volume level. If more than one
zone chooses the same source component, IR control of that source component is shared between the zones.
Figure 4
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