LED Zone ON/OFF Indicators
Provides individual ON/OFF indication for each zone.
Zone Label Slots
Coined slot for placing included zone labels for easy
Tuner Controls
Radio station up/down, radio station preset, and AM/FM
band shift buttons for tuner control.
Tuner Display
Displays the currently selected radio station and
reception mode (stereo vs. mono).
Removable Programming Cover
Conceals installer only programming controls during
normal operation.
Main Power Switch
Turns the main power to the receiver ON and OFF.
Note: Equipment is not completely disconnected from
the main power source when power switch is in the
OFF position.
Sensor for IR Capture
IR sensor for capturing IR commands for control of the
connected source components.
Programming Controls and Indicators
Push buttons and LED prompts for system and IR pro-
Zone ALL ON/PAGE Enable Switches
Individual DIP switches enable or disable System
Wide All ON commands and the paging feature.
DB-9 Computer Interface
Laptop connection enabling program configuration
backup/downloading using ZR-4630 archiving software.
Sync Inputs
Video and voltage sensing RCA Sync Inputs 2, 3, and 4
are for detecting when a source component is on/off for
reliable system activation. The HT mini plug Sync Input
senses voltage for determining the on/off status of a Home
Theater sharing source components with the ZR-4630.
Paging Input
Amono RCA input for a paging signal from a tele-
phone system.
Keypad Inputs
Six female RJ-45 jacks for the connection of the
IntelliPad Ci®Master Keypad Modules.
System Expansion
Two female RJ-45 jacks for connecting multiple
receivers together in larger multi-zone systems.
Flasher Outputs
Three 3.5mm jacks provide an output connection for
IRC-2P MicroFlashers,one for each connected source
component. A fourth is designed for the IRC-1P
IR Input
Asingle 3.5mm jack provides an input connection for
IR commands sent from a Home Theater. These IR
commands are used for control of source components
shared with a ZR-4630.
12V Control Output
Asingle 3.5mm jackprovides a 12V DC trigger signal
for use with voltage-triggered AC power strips (i.e.,
Niles AC-3) to control source components requiring
activation via a switched AC outlet.
Tuner Antenna Inputs
Afemale coaxial F-connector and twospring-loaded
bare-wire jacks provide connection to the included
FM and AM antennas.
Audio Inputs
Three pairs of stereo RCAjacks provide input connec-
tions for source components.
Individual Zone Preamplifier Outputs
Six pairs of stereo RCA jacks provide output connections
for external amplifiers used instead of, or in conjunction
with, the ZR-4630 built-in amplifiers.
Fixed/Variable Preamplifier Output
Adjustment Switch
Two-position switches, included for zones 4, 5, and 6,
provide the ability to change the individual preampli-
fier outputs to either a variable or a fixed signal.
Speaker Connector
Gold plated, dual banana plug spaced, five-way
speaker binding posts provide connection to speakers
in the listening zones.
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