3.7.1. Default Parameters Option
This method allows default parameters to be set without effecting the On/Off status of the
NPS's eight switched plugs. To reset the unit to default parameters, proceed as follows:
1. Access the NPS Command Mode (see Section 4.2 or 5.1).
2. At the NPS> command prompt, type /G and press [Enter]. The General Parameters
menu will appear.
3. From the General Parameters menu, type Aand press [Enter]. If command confirmation
is enabled, the unit will display a prompt. Type Yand press [Enter] to proceed with the
reset procedure. After a brief pause, parameters will be reset to default values.
Note: If the Default Parameters function is invoked via the Network Port, the IP
Address will not be reset. If this function is invoked via the Console Port or
Modem Port, the IP Address will be reset.
3.7.2. Default Button (Local)
Typically, this method is used when devices have not been connected to the NPS unit, and you
have immediate access to the installation site.
Note: This method will temporarily switch all plugs Off.
Set the Master Power Switch to the OFF position. Press and hold the Default Button, located
on the instrument back panel. Place the Master Power switch in the ON position. Wait about 5
seconds, and then release the Default Button.
NPS Series - Network Power Switches, User's Guide Installation
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