3.3. Connecting an External Modem
When connecting directly to an external modem, use a standard AT to Modem cable. Make
certain the modem is initialized at the same baud rate as the NPS (Option Switch 1). The
modem must be set to Auto-Answer, in one ring. Please refer to the modem user’s guide for
more information. Section 4.4 describes the procedure for defining the modem command
strings. Appendix A describes the modem port interface.
3.4. Connecting the Network Cable
The Network Port is an RJ45 Ethernet jack, for connection to a TCP/IP network. Connect your
10Base-T cable to the Network Port. Before attempting to access the unit via network, please
assign the IP Address, Gateway Address and Subnet Mask as described in Section 4.6.
3.5. Power Supply Connection
The NPS includes two AC inputs. The Bus A input provides power for plugs 1 through 4. The
Bus B input provides power for plugs 5 through 8. In order for the NPS to function, Bus A
and/or Bus B must be connected to an appropriate power supply.
3.6. Connection to Switched Outlets
The Main Power Switch must be "On" in order for the NPS to operate. When the unit is
powered On, the eight AC outlets will be switched On or Off, as specified by the user defined
Power-Up Default (see Section 4.5).
·NPS-115: Each outlet can switch up to 15 Amps AC. The total for each Bus cannot
exceed 15 Amps.
·NPS-230: Each outlet can switch up to 10 Amps AC, The total for each Bus cannot
exceed 10 Amps.
3.7. Reset Unit to Defaults
If Option Switch settings are changed, the new settings will not be applied until the unit is
reset to default settings. There are two ways to reset the unit to defaults:
Note: When these reset procedures are performed, all user selected parameters,
including passwords and port names will be lost. Prior to performing these reset
procedures, it is strongly recommended to save configuration parameters to an
ASCII text file as described in Section 6.
NPS Series - Network Power Switches, User's Guide Installation
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