5. Baud Rate: The baud rate for the Modem Port and Console Port. To select the baud
rate, type 5press [Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu. Make certain to
select a rate that is compatible with the external modem, and/or the device connected to
the Console Port. (Default value is selected by Option Switch 1).
Note: When this setting is changed, the new baud rate will not be applied until the
user exits and then re-enters the NPS Command Mode.
6. Command Echo: Enables/Disables the command echo. When enabled, commands sent
to the NPS will be echoed back to your PC, allowing keystrokes to be displayed . To
enable/disable the echo, type 6, press [Enter] and follow the instructions in the submenu.
(Default = Disabled).
7. Disconnect Timeout: Determines how long NPS will wait for additional commands. For
example, if the timeout is 2 minutes, NPS will disconnect after 2 minutes of inactivity.
Type 7, press [Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu. (Default value
selected by Option Switch 4).
8. Command Confirmation: When enabled, the NPS will display a prompt before
completing the /T, /X, /R, /BOOT, /ON, /OFF, /D and "A" commands, and will also
display the System Status screen after these commands are successfully completed. To
enable or disable this feature, type 8press [Enter], and follow the instructions in the
submenu. (Default = Enabled).
A. Default Parameters: When selected, the NPS will display a prompt. Type Y[Enter] to
reset the unit to the defaults specified by the Option Switches. When this command is
invoked, all menu selected parameters, including port names and passwords, will be lost.
Note: If the Default Parameters function is invoked via the Network Port, the IP
Address will not be reset. If this function is invoked via the Console Port or
Modem Port, the IP Address will be reset.
After defining the General Parameters, press [Esc] to exit from the General Parameters menu.
NPS Series - Network Power Switches, User's Guide Start-Up / Configuration
1. System Password: (undefined)
2. Site ID: (undefined)
3. Modem Init. String: ATE0M0Q1&C1&D2S0=1
4. Modem Disc. String: (undefined)
5. Baud Rate: 9600,N,8,1
6. Command Echo: Off
7. Disconnect Timeout: 30 Min
8. Command Confirmation: On
A. Default Parameters
Enter Selection or <ESC> to Exit ...
Figure 5: General Parameters Menu (System Mode Only)
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